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Youth Exchange "Cultural Hub" in Istanbul, Turkey

  • 05/06/2019 21:09
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“Cultural Hub” is an international youth exchange coordinated by cooperation of Municipal Directorate of Büyükçekmece and its local volunteers and with the inclusion of  partners from 4 European countries - Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia and Poland. The project is financed by Erasmus+program of European Union. In the exchange that took place from 15 to 26 April 2019 participated  7 young people  from Bulgaria, leaded by VVIF’s director Ralitsa Rumenova.

The main topic of the project was exploring handicrafts as a tool for intercultural learning. Each partner in the project facilitated a 3-hour workshop on handicrafts and at the end of the project the products were exhibited in the Cultural center of the municipality. VVIF presented the workshop of felted paintings, the Polish organization presented workshop of Polish mandala, Romanian team facilitated sewing embroidery and North Macedonia showed how to sew a butterfly. Very emotional and intensive was the whole day with workshops, facilitated by local Turkish artists. The participants learned how to make felted animals, how to colour scarfs with the ebru technique, how to make glass jewelry and how to sew with special needles.

For dissemination VVIF’s volunteers Georgi Markov and Borislav Кadreev who took part in the project presented pictures and masterpieces created during the exchange to their classmates and teachers at the National Vocational Highschool of Forestry “Hristo Botev”. They also shared about the opportunities Erasmus+ program gives to young people and their personal experiences in the project.

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