Art is 4 All!

Art is 4 All!

The aim of this project was to build capacity within 7 partner organizations to provide access to different forms of artistic
activities targeting groups of young people with disabilities or fewer opportunities as main performers. Sharing successful inclusive tools developed by the project partners on the basis of inclusive art practices is also part of the goal of this project.
Our objectives were:
-To increase the skills base within youth workers in 7 partner organizations, working in the field of inclusion, in order to internationalize their provision and support high quality non-formal education delivery and skills development;

- To train 28 youth workers from 7 organizations from 7 countries on the basic tools and concepts for delivering inclusive participatory art events;
-To increase awareness in 28 youth workers about the “message” that the products of such creative happenings can transmit in the larger society;
- To make participants reflect on the obstacles that people with disabilities face every day and share their insights through the means of art;
- To motivate participants for creating and participating in more inclusive arts-based projects through a success stories panel and other inclusive tools shared;
- To strengthen participants’ knowledge of the Erasmus + Program and to provide them with the context to develop new project ideas stemming from the exchanges and learning acquired during the training.

There was one event in the project- a training course for youth workers in various art practices suitable for the purposes of social activiation and inclusion of vulnerable youth groups. The course brought together 29 youth workers from 7 countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania) at the Grand Hotel Samokov between August 29 and September 3 2021. The course provided opportunity for people of all ages, coming from different countries to meet and learn by acting together. Participants were representatives of youth organizations or youth workers who work on a daily basis with young people with disabilities or fewer opportunities.

Drums 2

At the last day of the project participants prepared an art happening specially for the residents and guests of Samokov called "Samokov Dreams...) In addition the participants made an exhibition of paintings with social messages created during the project. The aim of the event was to provoke local community to express their dreams for the city in several ways- through writing, painting, mobile application or music. More than 150 participants took part in the initiative in park "Kraiiskarets" and shared their dreams through art. The local TV channel Rila covered the event in its news program.

As a  result of the project was created a booklet describing the process of creation of socially engaged participatory art events to support youth workers' activities. The booklet can be downloaded from here.


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