About us

About us

"Values, Virtues, Integrity" Foundation is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization registered at the Sofia City Court on March 5, 2015, acting in the public interest.


Goals of the organization

The main goal of the Foundation is to foster the formation, promotion and embodiment of life-affirming values, virtues, and integrity in Bulgaria, Europe, America, and the globe at the levels of personality, family, organization, guild, community, and society in fields like education (formal and informal – for children, youths, and adults), science, arts and culture, sports and tourism, ecology and sustainable development, civic participation and public actions for the formulation of policies, healthcare and social activities, work with representatives of vulnerable (including Roma) groups, media, and other interested in the foundation’s sphere of activities organizations and institutions at the local, national and international levels.

Mission of the organization

The main mission of the Foundation is the creation and development of intelligence on values (or VQ – values quotient, similar to IQ and EQ – intelligence and emotional quotients) in Bulgarian society.