Stop Motion in Action

"Stop Motion in Action" is an Erasmus+ mobility project in the field of adult education coordinated by "Values, Virtues, Integrity" Foundation (VVIF) with project number 2022-1-BG01-KA122-ADU-000075209. This project aimed to diversify the foundation's creative portfolio by introducing the captivating art of stop motion animation. Through a transformative 10-day training course in Tournefeuille, France, the project empowered adult learners from VVIF with essential skills and competencies in stop motion animation.

In April 2023, five staff members from VVIF embarked on a journey to Tournefeuille, France, to participate in the "Stop Motion Discovery" training course. Hosted by the experienced organization La Menagerie, the 10-day course immersed participants in the fascinating world of stop motion animation.

Throughout the training, our staff members received comprehensive instruction from expert trainers, delving into the techniques of storytelling, character design, set construction, and the meticulous process of frame-by-frame animation. The course not only equipped the participants with practical skills but also encouraged them to explore their creativity and embrace innovative approaches to storytelling and visual communication.

Guided by their trainers, the dedicated team of VVIF participants worked collaboratively to create a short stop motion animation video during the training course. Their hard work and dedication paid off, resulting in a remarkable piece of art that showcased both their newfound skills and their ability to tell a heartfelt story through this captivating medium. Upon completion, the animated video became a source of pride and a tangible representation of the participants' achievements during the training. It is available online at the link below: Sttop motion animation result.

Following their return to Bulgaria, the VVIF team wasted no time in sharing the fruits of their labor with the local and international communities. They organized a series of multiplier events to showcase the stop-motion animation short video to diverse audiences, including educators, artists, and community members.

The screenings of the stop motion video served as a catalyst for inspiring discussions, sparking conversations about creativity, storytelling, and the impact of stop motion animation in adult education. The animated short video left a lasting impression on the audience, encouraging them to explore new forms of artistic expression.

As part of their commitment to community engagement and education, the VVIF team organized a special stop motion animation workshop for children and parents in Sofia. The aim was to ignite the imagination of young minds and cultivate creativity through the enchanting world of stop motion animation.

During the workshop, children and parents worked hand in hand with the VVIF team, discovering the basics of stop motion animation through interactive activities. The workshop not only fostered creativity and artistic expression but also strengthened family bonds through collaborative storytelling and shared experiences.

The Erasmus+ "Stop Motion in Action" project was a transformative experience for the Values, Virtues, Integrity Foundation and its staff members. Through the training course in France, VVIF enriched its creative portfolio by incorporating stop motion animation into its educational approach. The project's impact extended beyond the participants themselves, inspiring creativity and artistic exploration within the wider community.

Looking ahead, the VVIF is committed to building upon the success of this Erasmus+ project. By continuing to promote the art of stop motion animation, the foundation seeks to collaborate with other organizations and apply stop motion animation in future projects with adult learners . "Stop Motion in Action" exemplifies the power of adult education to nurture creativity, encourage self-expression, and contribute to a more imaginative and inspired society.

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