Final performance under the project "Shadows of the change Lesichovo Municipality"

  • 06/10/2020 09:57
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The official premiere of a socially engaged spectacle based on the "Shadow Theater" method was held at 20:30 on September 5, 2020 on the square in front of "Otets Paisiy" Cultural/Community Center in the village of Lesichovo, Pazardzhik region, under the project "Shadows of the change in Lesichovo municiplity” of “Values, Virtues, Integrity” Foundation. The performance, presented on the occasion of the village holiday, presented the creative work and the messages of the local youth to the residents and guests of the municipal center Lesichovo. The plot was based on performing of problematic social and everyday situations, typical for small settlements, in a negative and positive (with a happy ending) way. Main persons in the project and leading actors in the shadow theater show were young people from the local family-type accommodation center in the village of Lesichovo and their friends from nearby villages in the municipality. After the performance, the young people received their public applause and certificates for participation in the project.

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