4 months

I have been living in Bulgaria for four months now, the country is not new to me since I spent my last summer here. However, the experience is completely different, the sensations are also different, while last year I came with a mentality of wanting to rest and not stop doing things, this year I have come wanting to do things that are really useful to me.

I arrived in Sofia on June 23, quite nervous but at the same time eager. It was something strange but 2 days after arriving I already had the feeling of being at home, as if I had been living here for a year with all the people I now spend my day with.

The summer has flown by, it has been very intense and an incredibly unique experience. This summer I have returned to work on what I am passionate about, archeology, meeting incredible people, but I have also left my comfort zone participating in several youth exchanges with very different countries and meeting cultures totally different from mine.

With the arrival of October, a bit of cold also came and especially something routine to my life in volunteering, which was becoming a bit necessary !!

I cannot put into words everything I have experienced and felt in this first half of volunteering in Bulgaria, I just hope that the second half of my stay is as incredible as it has been so far.