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The project INSPIRE aims to raise tolerance, break stereotypes and promote understanding among cultures. During the project “Values, Virtues, Integrity” Foundation will host in Sofia, Bulgaria four international volunteers between 18 and 30 years old – 2 from Aruba and 2 from Spain, starting from May 15th 2021 to January 14th 2021.

The INSPIRE project is targeting young people with fewer opportunities, in order to promote diversity taking into account the characteristics of each partner, cultural and interreligious dialogue of the common values of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights. The young people will be involved in the day-to –day life of an organization with European dimension. They will do volunteer work in order to gain work experience in the fields of youth work, social inclusion and non-formal education, project writing and event organizing, facilitation and conducting workshops on integrative arts, intercultural communication and lifelong learning while they enhance their personal and professional development.