"S.P.A.M." (Smart Phones Are Mind-blowing)


"S.P.A.M." (Smart Phones Are Mind-blowing) is a project for strategic partnership under the Youth sector of Erasmus+ Program with leading organization Aparaadi Youth Center (Tartu, Estonia) and partners "Values, Virtues, Integrity" Foundation (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Grunnskolinn School (Porshofn, Iceland). The project goal is to reduce the overuse of smart devices among children and youths (8-19 years old). Until the end of 2019, the project will hold four transnational meetings on specific topics, connected with the project theme. The project will raise young persons’ awareness of how many valuable hours they lose every day while staring at the screens and will teach them fun and educative games they can play together as an alternative to smart devices, so they can balance their screen and real life discovering/learning time.

 “Multicultural art, vol.2”

“MulticulturalArt, Vol. 2” is the foundation’s first a KA1 youth mobility project financed by the Erasmus+ Program and coordinated by the International Center for Southern Europe, Italy. The other project partners were “Values,Virtues,Integrity” Foundation (Bulgaria), UNITED SOCIETIES OF BALKANS ASTIKI ETAIREIA (Greece), ASSOCIATION INTERCULTURA (France ), CoAction Youth Group (Turkey) and  OPPORTUNITY GLOBAL (U. K.). The project started with an advance planning visit in Florence (April 21-22, 2018) and ended with one-week youth exchange (July 1-9, 2018) in the framework of which the Bulgarian group conducted a workshop on Bulgarian embroidery patterns and participated in a flash-mob in the streets of Pistoia. 


 "Together Against Cancer"

Under this heading begins a project of "Values, Virtues, Integrity" Foundation in partnership with the Association of Women with Oncology Diseases "Strengths I Have to Struggle" - Samokov. Within the four months until the end of 2018 six workshops in group finger painting will be held with representatives and sympathizers of the association and members of their families, and the project will end with a Christmas charity exhibition that will raise funds for the cause of the association. The project has been funded by the Public Board of Tellus International - Bulgaria.



The project "ETNOCULTURAL PALLET: innovations in the work of “Slanchitse/(Sun)” Kindergarten in support of the educational integration and socialization of children and parents from the community", funded under the competition procedure 33.16-2017 by the Center for Educational Integration of Children and Students from Ethnic Minorities, was implemented in partnership between  the kindergarten in the village of Kalugerovo, Lesichovo municipality, Pazardjik district and "Values, Virtues, Integrity" Foundation. Within 12 months (October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018), a series of training, art-making, and cooperative activities (including a parents club and a Summer creative camp) were held in and out of the kindergarten, to promote the adequate socialization of the children, with the active and committed participation of their parents and teachers.

"Art at the Top of the Fingers"

In 2016, as an official partner of the Center for Independent Living Association, the Foundation took part in the implementation of the "Art on the Fingertips" project under the “Culture” Program of Sofia City Municipality. Within 4 months (February-May), the art-facilitator of the Foundation held eight creative finger-painting workshops for people with and without disabilities of all ages, who together created 23 paintings of collective authorship, which were presented at a joint exhibition in the City Mark Art Center in Sofia on May 5, 2016 in connection with the European Day of Independent Living. More information (including photos from the project) is available via the following open Facebook group

"The Mountain Gives Birth to Volunteers"

Between December 2016 and February 2017, the Foundation carried out a project called "The Mountain Gives Birth to Volunteers" under Subprogram 2 (National Youth Initiatives and Campaigns), thematic area 1 (Youth Volunteering and Participation in Volunteer Initiatives) of the National Youth Program (2016-2020). The Foundation’s team worked with members of the informal Youth Parliament in the town of Samokov, organizing an opening roundtable discussion based on the "World Café" method, three one-day volunteer training events, one three-day volunteer campaing planning workshop, a press-conference, and a concluding youth initiative in the town of Samokov. More information and photos from the project can be found on the page of Youth Parliament – Samokov in Facebook

"Tserovo - for youth feats ready!"

From December 2016 to February 2017, the Foundation also implemented the project “Tserovo – ready for youth feats!" under subprogram 2 (National Youth Initiatives and Campaigns), thematic area 4 (Activation of young people in small settlements) of the National Program for the Youth (2016-2010). The project engaged local young people from the village of Tserovo, municipality of Lesichovo, region of Pazardjik, and weekend commuters from the regional town in endeavors aimed at making the village a better place to live. In just three months the project team held a series of joint creative, sports, and entertaining activities, trips and visits in and out of the village, a seminar in the resort town of Velingrad, and a joint youth initiative - creative holiday in the village. More information (and photos from the project activities) is available on the Facebook group with the same name as the project


From the beginning to the end of 2017, as an official partner of “Big Brother Big Sister – Bulgaria” Association of Plovdiv, the Foundation implemented the project "COLORFUL: group finger painting for disadvantaged children and younths in Plovdiv and improvement of the public environment around the Maritsa River and Stolipinovo district), won from the first call for new projects of “Plovdiv 2019” Municipal Foundation within the initiative PLOVDIV - EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2019. Under the project were implemented 20 finger-paining workshops in “Olga Skobeleva” Complex for Social Services, “Nayden Gerov” High School in the Roma quarter of Plovdiv, and “Geo Milev” Primary School”, as well as training of volunteers and three exhibitions and happenings in the city. More information on the development of the project is available at the project’s Facebook page

"Together we create at the Lyulin’s Crimea"

From April to November 2017, the Foundation worked on the project "Together we create at the Lyulin’s Crimea", funded under Area 4 "Community Culture", Program 9 "Active Participation" of "Culture 2017" Program of Sofia Municipality. Within the framework of the project (until the end of November 2017), a series of creative oil painting group workshops took place with the participation of children and youths from the two neighboring family-type accommodation centers for children and young people without disabilities "Paisiy Hilendarski" and "Sofroniy Vrachanski", located on"Krim" Street in “Lyulin” quarter of Sofia and a large public exhibition of their joint work was organized in Lyulin Cultural Center at the end of the project.