Jesus snow

Snow Time

At last the moment that we have all been waiting for has arrived, the snow has arrived in Sofia! Both my friends and I live in areas where it is not very common to see snow, it is for this reason that we were so excited that this moment would come.

I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly, at 5 in the morning, Vasty turns on the light in the room and begins to shout excitedly, Jesus, it's snowing! I have to admit that at first I thought he was joking but when I looked out the window I saw Sofia dressed in white and snow falling like I had never seen before. We dressed in full swing and the 4 of us were there, at 5 in the morning, playing in the street as if we were children again.

Although not only the snow has arrived, the arrival of Christmas is really close and there is already a different spirit in the city. Taking advantage of the fact that it snowed again and the Christmas decorations, I went ice skating with other volunteers, it was a magical and fun-filled moment, it was as if we were in a Christmas movie. It is being a very strange end of the year for being far from our home in our countries, however I feel that I am in a new home

Sofia Snow


Ice Skating

Christmas time