Feeling home. CB

  • According to Borges Project, homelessness affects every corner of the world. In 2019, it was estimated that 150 million people were people without a shelter, while more than 1.6 billion lack access to adequate housing.
  • In relation with Housing First Europe Hub, around 80’s Finland had almost 19.000 homeless people, now it has 4.341. Since 2007 they are working with government programmes and national policy programmes focused on targeted long-term homeless people (2008-2015), on prevention of homelessness (2016-2019) and to halve the number of homeless people in following four years and to end homelessness (2020).
  • And from my experience, during the three months that I am in Bulgaria I have been lucky enough to be able to access to three houses and in addition to that, I have been fortunate to have the possibility of staying in hotels (due to the circumstances of this project).

Now, lets talk about feeling home.

Someone can work a lot to pay for a house in the centre of the city, but then the reality is that they spend an average of 8 to 9 hours at home (maybe to shower and go to sleep), or for example someone may have a property at countryside and may not visit it for 6 months, or there are people who work from home and only go out to do the shopping, and also there are other people that has not house or that needs to share apartment because they are studying. With all this, also I know people who travel the world living in tents, or using apps to find free accommodation, and then sell their art for music on the streets for lunch that day.

HOME sometimes is misunderstanding as having a roof.
This, it can helps but is not the solution for feel home.

Home is something else. It is subjective, intense, deep and sweet, at the same point. Feeling home is related to not being afraid, feeling safe and being able to be yourself, having a place where free expression is guaranteed and where you can go to sleep comfortably and wake up with a smile the next day.
You can have a house or not, you can have a roof or not, you can spend all day on the street or at home, but can you always feel home everywhere? Yes, you can.

Home is a sensation, is from the heart. You can feel home walking around your favourite monument in the city, or you can feel home watching a movie in the cinema; also being at the house of other person can be home for you or while you are writing your thoughts in a notebook. Even is home when you sing during your shower time.

With this writing I do not want to make any value judgment on what is better or what has more facilities or advantages, much less look for the conflict, I simply want to show, for me, the meaning of the word home.